China will protect border with India 'at all costs'

China warns India not to harbor illusions in border stand-off

China will protect border with India 'at all costs'

China's official news agency Xinhua on Thursday praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his leadership, ahead of National Security Advisor Ajit Doval's visit to the nation for the BRICS meeting. India vehemently protested the construction, fearing it would allow China to cut India's access to its northeastern states.

Although China does not want a war with India, it is not afraid if it has to when no other means is left to settle the problem, Ma said.

With the ministry of foreign affairs of the Royal Bhutan government remaining tight-lipped for almost a month since issuing a statement on June 29 demanding status quo in the Doklam area to June 16 position and asserting that construction of a road inside Bhutanese territory is direct violation of written agreements between China and Bhutan in 1988 and 1998, many Bhutanese youth have expressed their restlessness over their government not taking the lead to bring down tension.

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State Councillor Yang Jiechi, who along with Doval is the special representative on the border issues, will also attend. About the BRICS NSAs meeting, Lu told media that "the meeting on security issues is a major platform for BRICS countries to discuss and conduct cooperation in politics and security fields".

The Japan Times:The mounting military tensions at Doklam, the tri-boundary area connecting Bhutan, China and India, have generated the impression that India and China are going to repeat their 1962 war.

Nonetheless, China remains on the fact that there cannot be any meaningful dialogue without the return of the Indian Army, but the Chinese Foreign Ministry had indicated a bilateral meeting between Doval and Yang, which is part of the Brix's NSA meeting.

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He added that this meant that the "Indian side admitted (crossing) into Chinese territory". The Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi was noted in a quote, "The rights and wrongs are very clear, and even senior Indian officials have openly stated that Chinese troops did not step into Indian territory". The 2,325-word FB post has not only created a furore and exposed the sharp divisions among the Bhutanese people over the role of India but also has been republished by top Chinese media outlets to claim that it represented the general views of the Bhutanese. In May, India boycotted the inauguration of President Xi Jinping's signature "One Belt, One Road" project, saying the plan ignored "core concerns on sovereignty and territorial integrity".

While the second component is that the differences between India and China should be addressed in a manner that they do not become disputes. New Delhi has said that troops from both sides should withdraw for a dialogue as Doklam belongs to its ally Bhutan.

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