Charlie Gard's Parents Make Agonizing Decision to Turn Off Life Support

Charlie Gard's parents ask court to let him die at home

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Charlie Gard's mother was back in court today, locked in a new battle over whether she can bring her terminally ill baby home to die.

Chris Gard and Connie Yates, the baby's parents, are now asking for the right to move Charlie to their home, so he can die there.

"The parents' last wish is to take Charlie home for a few days of tranquility outside the hospital", family lawyer Grant Armstrong said in a written statement.

Charlie was born with a rare genetic condition which causes progressive muscle weakness.

After a five-month battle in the court to determine their son's treatment, Charlie's parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, ended their case.

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On the one hand, he told the High Court, the hospital says that "it won't stand in the parents' way yet it is putting obstacles in..."

Mr Justice Francis said GOSH believes the ventilator keeping Charlie alive will not fit through the front door of the property where his parents want to take him.

In all the uniquely hard circumstances of this case, the Court is asked to approve the hospice care plan for as long as that is on offer and, in the profoundly unwished for eventuality that the current offer is withdrawn, for end of life care to be provided at the hospital.

"On 13 July he stated that not only had he not visited the hospital to examine Charlie but in addition, he had not read Charlie's contemporaneous medical records or viewed Charlie's brain imaging or read all of the second opinions about Charlie's condition ... or even read the Judge's decision made on 11 April", the hospital said. The parents' last wish is to take Charlie home. Specialists at GOSH said the therapy proposed by a doctor in America is experimental and would not help. After Tuesday's hearing, the High Court would decide whether Charlie would be sent home with his parents.

Bambino Gesu, the Vatican Hospital, held a press conference Tuesday in London to discuss the ongoing Charlie Gard court case.

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The hospital says they have to balance Charlie's best interests with the wishes of his parents, and say the care plan must be safe, must spare Charlie from all pain and allowing him to die with dignity. Their case went all the way to the European Court of Human Rights.

The couple said they had wanted to give Charlie a real chance of getting better and that a "whole lot of time has been wasted". "There's one simple reason for Charlie's muscular deterioration [and] that was time", noting the lengthy decisions from the courts of London which restricted Charlie from the USA treatment. The London hospital opposed that, saying it would not help and cause Charlie suffering.

"If the (experimental) treatment had been tried in time, there would have been some possibility of having an impact on this disease", Enrico Bertini told journalists.

But the couple had recently returned to court, saying they had new evidence and they asked Mr Justice Francis to change his mind.

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